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Across various high-value consumer marketplaces, we build and operate actionable intelligence platforms. Our marketplace optimization and protection products serve many clients, delivering a single source of truth that enables valuable decision-making, operations and enforcement. Our mission is to facilitate fair, safe and functioning ecosystems that do not fund crime - they fund our commerce and communities.

Our senior team is comprised of leaders from betting and gaming, entertainment, data and analytics, advertising, law and professional services.


A leading gaming industry executive and marketing consultant for over 20 years with an academic background in Law, as a graduate of Brasenose College, Oxford University. Ismail combined these two defining experiences allowing him to lead the team that innovated the Yield Sec platform and ecosystem approach to serve all legal stakeholders and help them benefit from the removal of crime across the gambling marketplace.


A seasoned financial professional and founder of Sperling Advisory LLC, a consultancy providing start-up and mid-market companies with leadership across M&A, cap raises and rapid growth. Prior to starting Sperling Advisory, Bret was a Principal at a large regional CPA firm.


Alastair is an early stage investor and senior creative director and producer with experience across advertising, production, streaming and broadcast. He has worked across documentaries, entertainment and advertising with diverse projects for partners including Amazon, BBC, British Airways, Coca-Cola, Honda and numerous betting, gaming and lottery brands.


As an attorney, David has been involved in securities and M&A transactions valued at over $1 billion. David has represented start-ups, tech companies, venture capital and debt funds, merchant banks, and one of the world´s largest hedge funds. In legal practice, David´s extensive experience covers Education, Marketing, Medical & Tech clients.


Expert in data collection, management and analysis for national security agencies. Founder and CEO of software company AKTEK (Atropos Intelligence platform partner) with experience serving US/UK/EU govt and their work countering piracy, extremism and terrorism worldwide.


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7th October 2022
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7th October 2022
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26th September 2022
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